Dad Reflection Essay

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The hero in my life I call dad. In life I have only looked up to one person and that person is my dad. He has always been my hero even though he is mean or nice I still look up to him as guidance. I have always wanted to box and my dad gave me hope because when he was young he boxed and did live competitions on TV so that really inspired me to be great at something just like my dad. That is why my reflective essay is on my dad. To start off my dad is always training with me no matter what the cost is. Even if he has to miss a meeting just to come and see one of my matches he will no matter what the odds are. One day I was at a completion that was very big for me. It was all the way in Spain but my dad had a big business deal right so I already knew he was not going to be able to make it. I was really sad. But later I found out after the match that he was there. What happened was that he put off the meeting just to fly down and watch me fight. This of course made me really happy and knows that my dad would always be there for me no matter what the cost is. This also shows me that he would even put off his work just to come and see me succeed. So another story goes like this. I had just won gold in a ten day tournament tour and at the end my dad pulls me over, smiles at me, and gives me the best words I heard all day, “I am so proud of you”. That right there made my day a whole lot better. This shows that no matter how I do he is always proud of me. This shows me that he will always be there for me and that he loves me and is proud of me. This also shows me that even in the mist of defeat I know that he knows that I tried my best and that he is proud of me even for that. Now after that statement I would like to further your knowledge on my dad and how he affects my life. In this paragraph I will be talking about how he helps me train and how he is there at

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