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1. INTRODUCTION: i. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Haleeb Foods Pvt. Ltd. started its business in 1984 with the name Chaudhry Dairies Ltd. The plant spreads over 37 acres of land which is situated at 62 kilometers from Lahore District Court, with a capacity to process 80,000 liters of milk per day with a labor force of 150 workers. The production process started in 1985 with UHT (Ultra High Treatment) liquid milk such as an initial product which became very popular in no time. Haleeb’s administrators claim that their plant adopted the latest technology for milk processing and thus it had an edge over other around twenty plants in competition including Milkpak as all other plants were based on obsolete European technology. The idea behind UHT investment was to provide consumers with the best quality of packaged dairy and food products that no other company can produce. About four years later, the company decided to enter a joint venture with Friesl and Frisco Domo (FFD) of Netherlands and continued the activity from November 1989 to December 1991. This joint venture did not last very long because of the change in global strategy of FFD and was amicably dissolved. Haleeb then went on its own till December 1998 till it signed a contract with Candia that is a market leader in France. Under this agreement, the company launched Candia value added liquid milk products all over the nation. The advantage of this agreement that Haleeb took is that Haleeb now has access to the latest technique of production, technical know-how, etc. The major aim was the quality production and that is why Haleeb discarded some of its products with the likelihood of loss in quality. This made the company gain many successes on different frontiers and, now it competes very well with all other multinationals and has an edge over all national companies active in the dairy industry in Pakistan. The

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