Da Vinci and Michelangelo

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There are many different forms of art, whether it be painting or sculpting, drawing or building. Learning the differences between each of them is an important part of learning about art itself. There are great artists that have provided us with wonderful pieces of art that we still love today. Many people come from all over the world to see the art that was put together in the renaissance, the hard work and dedication that those artists put into their work has definitely paid off. The art of the high renaissance was important in many differing ways due to the meaning behind the pieces, dealing with realistic issues and religion in a beautiful way. The first artist that we will be looking at is Leonardo Da Vinci who was a very talented artist. He was many other things as well such as a writer and inventor a sculptor and architect. While he enjoyed all of those things is best known for his paintings and his writing. Da Vinci is known as one of the key artists in the renaissance, he was a very multi-talented man. His works have continued on being some of the most cherished work of the renaissance and even adored to this day and time. Leonardo Da Vinci was born on April 15th 1452 outside of the village of Vinci near Florence. He was born outside of marriage to Ser Piero Da Vinci, a legal specialist. His mother was a peasant named Caterina. During his childhood Leonardo was raised by his father’s family in Vinci. Later in life he was able to work with an artist as an apprentice to Andrea Del Verrocchio. Who was a great painter and sculptor of the 1460’s. In the year 1482 Leonardo became a court artist for the duke of Milan, Ludovico S Foza. During the time he spent in Milan he painted two of his most famous works. Madonna of the rocks and the last supper, which were wonderfully painted pieces. He returned to Florence in 1499 and worked with the artist
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