Ѕtrаtegic Plan: Hаrley-Dаvidѕon

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Running Head: ЅTRАTEGIC PLAN: HARLEY-DAVIDSON Ѕtrаtegic Plan: Hаrley-Dаvidѕon MBA 580 – Strategies for Competitive Advantage University of Phoenix Ѕtrаtegic Plаn: Hаrley-Dаvidѕon Executive Summary Designing a strategic plan is one of the most important parts of the company’s senior executive’s job. As a result, most companies invest significant time and effort in a formal, annual strategic-planning process that typically culminates in a series of business unit and corporate strategy reviews with the CEO and the top management team. Many excellent firms have learned how to beat their competitors through the implementation of new management, marketing, production strategies (Hitt, Ireland & Hoskisson, 2005). This paper examines the Harley-Davidson (H-D) company phenomenon. H-D is one of those excellent companies whom have challenged the traditional ideas. This paper will identify those strategies that have worked and brought the company and shareholders success each year. Company Background Harley-Davidson, a leading automotive company, manufactures heavyweight motorcycles, motorcycle parts, accessories, apparel and general merchandise. The company also provides financial services such as wholesale and retail financing and insurance programs (Harley-Davidson, 2008). The H-D company began in 1903, when 21-year-old William Harley and 20-year-old Arthur Davidson constructed their first motorcycle in a garden shed . With their first motorcycle created came the Harley-Davidson (H-D) trademark, which has been in continual use for over 100 years (Rigsby, and Gresco, 2003). The Harley-Davidson Motor Company incorporated on September 17 1907. In 1909, the company introduced the first V-twin engine which became an enduring H-D icon. The famous bar and shield logo followed in 1910. 1912 found construction starting on the company’s manufacturing plant and

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