DBQ: The American Revolution

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Hernandez 1 Joshua Hernandez October 30, 2012 APUSH, Period 7 American Revolution FRQ Between the years 1775-1783, Americans never gave up and won the war. The American Revolution lasedt half of the 18th century where the 13 colonies in North America joined together to be free from the british and become the United States Of America. Once they won their war, they gain their independence. They manage to win by the help of the 13 colonies and France's trust. During this time, George Washington was the leader and by working together, they defetedbritian. Their were 2 continental congress. The first continental congress started in September 5, 1774 and October 26, 1774. The seond continental congress began in May 10, 1775, where the 13 colonies met. The Americans had conflicts with the british known as The American War (1775-83). The colonies hardly were together or united. As they United, George Washington led them to fight against the "Red coats" also known as the Britians. With all their strenght, George became a successful leader and soon colonies bonded. The congress declared their independence in July 1776. On that period of time, Thomas Jefferson wrote the United States Declaration of Independence. British lost the war in Boston, however they manage to get New York City.…show more content…
They gain more trust, after the battle of Saratoga. The Saratoga happened in September 19 and October 7, 1777. The Battle of Saratoga started because the British came down from Canada and tried to take over New England. The Americans wanted to protect New England. They started to fightt and the battle started. The British were taking over the war in the beginning, but the Americans soon fought back.The French also had another Allie and it was Spain. Early in the war, many were afraid of britian because they were powerful at that time. Britian taught they were powerful until we came in
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