D1 - Personal and Professional Development

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Task 3: From looking at the key influences on my personal learning and development, I identified and explained how and why six key influences affect my learning. These key influences were: time, friends, aspirations, employment, lifestyle and motivation. My personal learning and development may help to benefit others, such as service users, peer group, friends and family for a number of reasons, whether it benefits the groups in the present or future. My peer group could benefit from my personal learning process because I would be able to provide feedback from my experiences and any new skills or information I had gained I would be able to give guidance and pass on to my peers. Service Users would be able to benefit from my learning process because any mistakes I made I would be able to learn from them for the future. As I personally developed I would be able to provide service users with the knowledge they are safe and that I was well practiced and capable of carrying out required tasks by them. ...read more. Middle My peer group would also benefit from my learning process as I would be able to provide feedback on the ability to complete tasks better next time; I would be able to offer provisional planning on advancing both my learning process and theirs. This refers to Kolb's learning theory, stage four - abstract conceptualisation. When reviewing Kolb's learning theory stages, you can see how every individual learning process fits the stages. For example: Concrete Experience This is the 'doing stage' where you participate in an action(s). You are providing personal care to a service user when you accidently roll them over too quickly and they pass a bowel movement. Reflective Observation The stage in which you personally reflect on the concrete experience. After the experience, you think about how and why the service user passed a bowel movement. Abstract
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