D1. Evaluate the Success of a Recent Initiative in Promoting Anti Discriminatory Practice.

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Equality, Diversity and Rights - Unit 2 M2 - Assess the influence of a recent national policy initiative promoting anti - discriminatory practice. Anti discriminatory practice is the main method used to combat discrimination. It is action taken to prevent discrimination on the grounds of age, race, class, gender, disability etc and it also takes into account how individuals behave towards other each other. It is very important for all employees in health and social care settings to use and promote anti discriminatory practice in the workplace and in their everyday work. This will help reduce prejudice, eradicate discrimination and promote equality for service users and for staff. In seeking to limit, reduce and remove anti discriminatory practice there are a number of strategies that can be used at varying levels ego local, nation or international. These come into play where discriminatory practices are possible or where they have been clearly evident and are used to counter act these practices. At the national level there are a number of types of possible intervention including using Conventions, such as the Human Rights Act, Policies and legislation, such as the Equality Act and more general regulations and guidance. Below these can sit Code of Practice / Conduct, which guide professionals in their practice, as well as, organisational policies and procedures, which set the tone for how the organisation positively promotes individual rights, acts as an advocate for those service users and staff who may need a voice and also gives direction to the day to day work and how this practice should be. All of these aspects and initiatives help guide service providers on their roles and responsibilities, it also helps service users in terms of them knowing what to expect from the support they will recieve and a clear understanding of how they should be treated by

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