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Czechoslovakia (1968) And Berlin Wall Essay

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  • on July 3, 2008
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Hungary: 1956
Hungary was led by a hard line communist, RAKOSY. People hated him, they didn’t have freedom of speech, the feared the secret police, and they had to pay for the USSR to be there.
In 1956 a group of people within the communist party opposed RAKOSY, he asked Moscow for help, but the told him to retire and put Gero under the leadership of Hungary, but people didn’t liked him. So the USSR allowed the formation of a new government under the leadership of NAGGY. People liked a lot him.
NAGGY began to make plans, set impartial courts, restore private ownership, more freedom of speech and leave the Warsaw pact.
At first, Khrushchev was ready to accept some reforms, but he could not accept Hungary leaving the Warsaw pact. So in 1956 soviet tanks invaded Budapest, two weeks of bitter fighting followed. The Hungarian resistance was crushed and KADAR was put under the leadership of Hungary.

Czechoslovakia (1968)

Brezhnev became leader of the USSR.
Opposition was formed because after 20 years of communist ruleship, people didn’t liked what was happening. Dubçek became leader of Czechoslovakia, and he wanted “socialism with a Human face”, with more freedom of speech, no censorship and less secret police.
The opposition was led by intellectuals who felt that communism had failed. As censorship has been eased, they could express freely, this period became known as Prague spring, because of the new ideas that were emerging. By summer 1968 more radiacal ideas, as the formation of a social democratic party were emerging.
The USSR dind’t liked this . CCCC was one of the most important countries, it was centrally placed and had a strong industry.
The soviets were worried about the spread of new ideas. The USSR prohibited Dubçek the formation of a social democratic party. In august, the members of the Warsaw pact had a conference in which the told CCCC only to maintain political stability.
Surprinsingly, a few days after that conference...

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