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Matthew Robinson Ancient History: Period F Mr. Sortal December 19, 2012 G.O.A.T (Greatest of All Time) By definition, great is defined as of an extent, amount, or intensity considerably above the normal or average. Michael Jordan… Babe Ruth… Wayne Gretzky… Jackie Robinson and Cyrus the Great were all considered to be beyond the norm. In fact, many people that they each had some “super human powers” where they were able to perform at the highest level, intensity and skills above their peers. What this group had in common were their egos and killer instinct to “beat” the odds and simply win by any means necessary. However, the question remains when they looked at themselves, did they feel like the greatest human-being to have ever played the “game” or fought in battle? Did they understand the “hype” surrounding their persona? Did…show more content…
Cyrus the great created a tolerant government around the Persian Empire. He incorporated an advanced administrative system around the Persian Empire to keeping his ranking respected by the worker, yet he wanted to show the respect he had for the people. He created the first ethical group by the principal of equal responsibilities and the right for the people. Cyrus had honoring belief in local religion, local custom (which is the characteristic of idiomatic speech, an ethical background that cannot be bear with change) and honoring belief in trading. And by which he stimulated the development of gold and silver coinage on the Lydian’s model. Conversely, Cyrus the great had reasonable values in high morals and ethical background he allowed in his empire that led him to score a high rank among the greatest of all time leaders. He was the greatest political leaders of human history and he displayed an ethical state of mind that allowed him to expand his powers of being a great leader. And because of this Cyrus the great is the greatest human figure to ever live in the world in which is why he stands out amongst the other

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