Cyrano Character Analysis

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Cyrano, the main character in Cyrano was a very proud, generous, self-sacrificing, and ambitious man. These characteristics come out in Act one, but last throughout his lifetime. He keeps being his magnanimous self. There are so many ways he expresses himself and even though he had all those characteristics, he wasn’t doing it symbolically. In light of his gesture he completely revealed his character and his true self. Cyrano’s gesture in Act 1 shows off many characteristics of himself. First, he is proud because he stood up for what he believed in and didn’t let Montfleury continue on with the play. The only reason he threw away the money is because he had got himself into something and there was a need for pay. Furthermore, he doesn’t let others persuade him that his actions are wrong. Moreover, he is showing off his character as a generous and self-sacrificing man because he is giving up what he needs most, so he can get what…show more content…
So Cyrano goes up to Roxane and talks to her and comes back and lies that he told her everything and she still loves him. As soon as Christian heard that he died (4.10). Cyrano lied to Christian because he knew that if he told Roxane the truth then she would not say that she wants Christian but be in a state of shock and Christian would have to die in that state. This is why Cyrano had lied to Christian saying that Roxane has accepted Christian so he can die in peace and with no burden of a lie on his shoulders. This proves that he’s selfless and a caring guy because he didn’t want to let Christian die thinking that Roxane doesn’t love him. Plus he didn’t want Roxane to love him because he wrote the poems. He didn’t want to steal Roxane away from Christian and Christian away from
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