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Four Corners of a Love Diamond Roxane, a lavishly gorgeous woman is the center of three men’s universes in the play Cyrano de Bergerac. Three men: Cyrano, Christian, and De Guiche are all in love with (or think they are) this one woman, each man being completely different from the next. Cyrano is a soldier and a sensitive poet; he can compose words that will make any woman melt, but only wants one woman to read his words. Christian, a northerner, is also a soldier; he is a very handsome man, and has the looks that would make any woman melt, but he has no wit and therefore cannot confess his love to Roxane in his own words. De Guiche, a high ranking officer, is an assertive vengeful man; he is Cyrano’s opposite and thinks he is in love with Roxane. The only thing these three men have in common is the desire to win Roxane’s love. De Guiche is a powerful man with a Type A personality. In his mind he is a winner, and is used to getting what he wants. It just so happens that he wants Roxane, though his intentions may not be clear cut as to whether he actually loves Roxane or if she is just an object of his desire. We do know he will go to great ends to get her, even if it means risking many men’s lives in a war. I believe De Guiche sees a striking young woman like the rest of the men but his feeling end there. I don’t think he cares for her inner beauty and simply wants her as a “trophy wife”. Another reason I believe De Guiche has a desire to be with Roxane is simply because he thinks she deserves to have the best, and in his egocentric mind, that is himself. This, to me, shows De Guiche as being a very shallow, selfish, and bitter man. If he truly loved Roxane all he would want is for her to be happy, but she wouldn’t be if they were to end up with each other. Christian is a brave hardnosed man who is deeply in love with Roxane but does not have a clue of how to

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