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Unit 4227 - 024 - 4.1 Explain how own practice can affect children and young people's development. Explain three ways in which your own working practice can positively affect the development of children and young people: 1) By having and showing good hygiene practices. Encourage them to wash hands, flush toilets, blow their nose. Try to ensure they do not chew class pencils used by everyone (also explain why) and chewing their clothes. Always lead by example from an early age and then children will continue to have good hygiene throughout their lives. 2) Being polite. Use manners all the time, encouraging children and young people politely to do the same when they might forget. Sometimes it may be necessary to over exaggerate with young children to encourage them to copy you. 3) Communication. Stop and take time to listen to all children and young people that you are involved with. Go down to the child's level so they do not feel intimidated by you towering over them. Remember to always praise their efforts however small they may seem. Give positive encouragement, always using positive words rather than negative. This will in turn make them feel confident, valued and encourages good self esteem from an early age. Identify two ways that an adult's behaviour at work could negatively influence the development of children. 1) If you are feeling down and unwell, children and young people that you are working with are able to pick up on this and it could cause them to become unhappy and perhaps uncomfortable. This may then result in them not wanting to join in in activities or even find it as an excuse to play up. It may also seem acceptable behaviour which they may also copy outside the classroom. 2) Poor communication and/or no respect between adults in a setting. If adults, such as teachers talking to other teachers or teachers talking to
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