Cypw Unit 25

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Unit 025 – Understand how to safeguard the well-being of children & young people 025-Outcome 1 AC1- The Children’s Act brought out in 1989 aimed to protect children and young people; it gave guideline to those working with them of ways we can work together when there are allegations of child abuse. In 2004 a child died at the hands of her carers and it was then they revised the Children’s Act adding things like Local Safeguarding boards and giving the Schools and health care system more powers to get involved and protect children. Common assessment Framework (CAF) was part of the Every Child Matters green paper and it was put in place to provide an early intervention strategy before a Childs situation reaches crisis point. In my setting I use the EYFS as a framework to ensure I am meeting the needs of my children 0-5. Its very important the only suitable people work with children and vulnerable people so in 2009 they started running checks on people these checks were done by criminal records bureau and they checked people past to see if they had ever committed any offenses that my might make them a risk to children in the future, in 2013 the discloser and barring service took over the responsibility for these checks. I had to go through the vetting procedure to become a childminder, they write to the all the councils and police covering all the places you have worked and lived to check if you are known to police or social services and have any history that might make you unfit person to be working with young or vulnerable people. Any people who are over 16 and lives or come to my home regularly and will come into contact with the children also have to be checked. The local safeguarding board in Peterborough provide training and support for anyone who needs it, it is who I would contact over any concerns I might have and its also who I would contact if I
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