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Health and Safety Homework for Level 3 Diploma – units 27 & 66 027.1.1 Please complete the attached sheet 2a “planning health and safe indoor and outdoor environments” See sheet. How does the health and safety change with the different age and stages of the children’s development? For each stage of a child’s development, health and safety factors would differ slightly due to their improving ability. Some children that are able to walk well may not be able to run whilst avoiding obstacles safely such as garden equipment e.g. toys etc. Children that can safely avoid obstacles etc. whilst running are much less likely to be such a high health and safety risk. Another example could be, if a two year old was playing with playdoh for instance, you’d have to be aware of the risks of the child putting the doh in their mouths and possibly swallowing or even having foreign objects placed in body parts such as ears or nostrils. A four year old child would be much less likely to participate in such actions, therefore changing the health and safety goalposts. However, some older children may have learning difficulties/difficulty in understanding, therefore health and safety risks would be more similar to that of a younger child. 027.1.3 Complete attached sheet 2b “Health and safety guidance” See sheet 027.1.4 Explain how current health and safety legislation, policies and procedures are implemented in own work setting. All members of staff must have read, signed and dated the policies and procedures folder to show their awareness and understanding of them. We must follow our policies and procedures carefully to avoid accident or injury, and any disputes involving the care of a child. Also, by having a clear and precise set of policies and procedures on our website for ease of access to parents, there can be no doubt to either us as staff or

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