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CYPOP 14 PART 1 1.1 The following are types of different relationships that children and young people may have; * Parental- Which is having a mum and/or dad to talk to and having a strong family unit ti be bought up in * Carer- Could be a grandma or granddad that look after them instead of a parent, but is in a parental role and looks after them permanently * Sibling- Having a brother/sister or both that they look after or that looks after you as well as parents * Family- Could be Mum, Dad, Brothers and Sisters. * Friendship- Having close friends from school * Emotional/Sexual- This could be only having people around them that take advantage of them in those specific ways * Acquaintance- These are friends of friends that that person may have * Professional- These are friendships with teachers etc. 1.2 Positive relationships with children and young people are important because if the child feels comfortable around the carer they can separate more easily from their parents. Positive relationships also make the child feel emotionally secure, if they feel emotionally secure they are more likely to participate in play and activities which will help their overall development. Also if the child has a positive relationship with the carer they are more likely to talk more which will help their language development. If children have positive relationships they are less likely to show unwanted behavior because the carer can recognise their needs and meet them. Positive relationships are also important so that the practitioner can plan accurately because they understand the child’s development needs and they know the child’s interests. Practitioners can also respond to children effectively because they can recognise the child’s expressions. 1.3

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