Cypop1-1.4 Explain the Impact of Current Research Essay

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Current research into the development and learning of babies and young children focuses on neuro science. Opinions have changed on how children’s brains grow and develop, now scientist believe most brain cells are formed before birth but most of the connections are made during infancy and early childhood. The believe that early experiences are vital to healthy brain development, the outside world shapes the development of a baby’s brain through experiences that a child’s sense take in, this includes their vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste. Babies start to learn in the womb, particularly in the last three months. When babies are born they can recognise familiar sounds and have developed some taste. Each new experience that changes behaviour is called learning, if the experience is repeated or the stimulus is strong more nerve impulses are sent along the new pathway. This reinforces the learning process. Repetition strengthens the connections between neurons. Research helps us look into the importance of sleep, as it shows it helps our bodies to repair themselves and our brains to look at our memories and process information. It also shows poor sleep is linked with a weakened immune system and mental health problems. Research shows that it is important that you have the correct lighting, noise levels and room temperature in order to get a good sleep. So it’s important for babies and young children to get a decent comfortable nap whilst they are in the setting so they can process information and be healthy physically. Research also shows different ways in which children learn, different settings look at different ways of learning and some settings look into more than one way of learning, as each child is unique its important they are allowed to experience several different types of learning to find the way they learn best. Other research shows it’s

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