Cypop 4:Promote Young Children’s Physical Activity and Movement Skills

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CYPOP 4:Promote young children’s physical activity and movement skills. 1. 1.1 - Explain why physical activity is important to the short and long term health and well being of children? Physical activity produces overall physical,psychological and social benefits. Inactive children are likely to become inactive adults.increased physical activity has been associated with increased life expectancy and less risk of disease. physical activity helps/benefits - controlling weight Reducing blood pressure Helps motor skills Reduces the risk of diabetes Improves psychological well being,self confidence and higher self esteem Develops motor skills Improves cognitive development Enhances bone and muscular development Supports learning of social skills 1.2 - Explain the development of movement skills in young children and how these skills affect other aspects of development - Locomotive large movement skills that allow babies to gain mobility Gross motor control - whole limb movements Balance and coordination control Object control movements such as throwing,catching,dribbling a ball all which involves objects being sent,received,travelled with. Traveling movements where the child moves from one point to another such as skipping,running,jumping. To be able to do these physical skills the movement skills have to be learnt in the right order - Hand eye coordination - this is very important as we need the hand and eyes to work together, catching a ball requires information from the eyes to inform the brain that the hands need to move to catch the ball. - Foot eye coordination - to climb stairs or kick a ball the eyes need to inform the brain that the feet/foot needs to move to

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