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CYPOP 4 1.1 Physical activity is very important for the short and long term health and well-being of children. If a child takes part in a lot of physical activities daily this can benefit them in many ways, firstly it will improve a child’s overall healthy growth and development as they grow older. A child who takes part in a lot of physical activities will then have stronger bones, muscles, joints and have better posture and a better balance which will then enable them to live a much healthier happier life. A child will interact with others and learn new skills while taking part in activities they will enjoy and have fun with, or even doing team work this will help with communication skills as they get older and met/interact with new people. If a child starts to take part in a lot of physical activities this would most likely mean that the child will grow up and carry on being physical, which will ensure as they get older they will still remain healthy. Because a child will burn lots of energy while taking part in physical activities this will help them keep a healthy weight. If a child enjoys an activity they will use their brain to focus which will help their concentration skills. When children play outside they are less likely to develop any infections such as flu as their immune system will become a lot stronger if regular exercise is being done. Physical activity can help children’s moods/emotions as it boosts their energy and helps ease stress or anxiety, which ensures a smaller chance of a child ending up with depression. Children need a good amount of sleep also to make sure them immune system is strong and have plenty of energy throughout the day, a child who takes part in plenty of physical activity will be able to fall asleep quicker and have a longer sleep than a child who takes part in hardly any physical activity or not enough. 2.3 By having

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