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CYPOP 17 Understand the needs of children and young people who are vulnerable and experiencing poverty and disadvantage Understand the factors that may impact on the outcomes and life chances of children and young people 1.1 Identify the factors that impact on outcomes and life chances for children and young people Some factors that can have an impact on children’s and young person’s outcomes and life chances are: poverty, single child syndrome or being one of a large family with lots of siblings, also learning difficulties and disability, social, economic, environmental, cultural, and additions. These factors can impair a child’s development, both physical and mental. Life is the biggest factor to be taken into consideration when looking at what affects children and young people and the impact it has on them. What they see, hear and do will mould and shape what kind of adult they will become. If they believe they are unloved, unimportant and unvalued. As they grow older this could lead to depression and self-harm and if they have any offspring this negative factor could be pasted down to the children. Some examples of these impacts are: A child or young person who is the carer of a parent suffering illness or disability may struggle to understand the role reversal they are experiencing, viewing themselves as grown up and being more mature than their peers, resulting in them struggling to form friendships, resentful at missing out on their childhood and present challenging behaviour. This can lead to emotional difficulties. Although dealing with the above separately, many of these factors are interconnected; unemployment or low income can lead to poor housing. Poor housing can lead to health problems, which can lead to frequent school absences. This will not only affect the child’s present lifestyle and health, but also their future, right

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