Cypcore31-1.1 Explain the Sequence and Rate of Each Aspect of Development from Birth - 19 Years. Essay

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CYPCore31-1.1 Explain the sequence and rate of each aspect of development from birth - 19 years. There are 5 main areas of development that are all very important from birth to 19 years old. They are: 1. Physical Development – this area of development is about learning how to master physical movements. It is subdivided into: fine motor skills (such as tying shoe laces) gross motor movements (such as throwing a ball) locomotive movements (such as balancing and walking) Physical development allows children to gain independence. 2. Cognitive development – this area of development is also known as intellectual development. It is a huge area, as it encompasses the way in which the brain processes information. This development is strongly linked to communication and language development. 3. Communication – this area of development is about learning to communicate with other people and understanding their communications. Talking, reading and writing and also use of gestures are all aexamples of skills that most children learn. Communication and language development are linked to cognitive development because more sophisticated communication involves thinking about what others are trying to convey as well as thinking about what you are trying to express. 4. Social and emotional development – this are of development is about relationshipand also about understanding oneself. Being able to feel sorry for someone, knowing what behaviuor is acceptable and having the ability to control your emotions are examples of skills that children learn. 5. Moral development – this is a sub-set of social and emotional development with strong links to cognitive development. The development of morality is about the decisions that children and young people take, the principles that they adopt and their behaviuor towards others. Each child develops at their own rate, there is a
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