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CYPCore3.1-2.1 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by a range of personal factors. There are range of personal factors that will affect children and young people’s development. Genes are big part of which influence children and young people’s development and how their brain works. This effect a child’s personality, health and potential, which later will be influenced by their environment and how they are brought up. Genetic information is what starts developing in children the minute they are conceived. This package is the inheritance that has been form together from sexual reproduction. The child’s eye, for e.g. be decided genetically from their parents, as well as the child’s growth will also be affected by the diet and environment later in life. It seems that gradually genetics might play a role in causing depression, addiction and issues to do with self-esteem, these could cause by predisposing the children in some way. It means that genetic code does not absolutely govern what we will do or become, but certain environmental factors will trigger the genes to affect them. A baby’s development can be effected during the pregnancy or at the moment of conceiving. If the mother smokes, drink alcohol or uses drugs, this way the baby can be harmed during the pregnancy. Furthermore, there are influences of children’s development after conceived, for example some babies are born too early and this play a part in their later development. This is one reason why premature babies progress in measured according to the date they were due to be born rather than their actual birth date. Infections that the mother picks up, such as rubella, can create difficulties for the developing baby. Maternal anxiety and stress, as well as diet, also seem to influence development. Birth itself can be tricky for a few babies. A baby may not breathe
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