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CYP 3.4 Supporting children and young people’s health and safety The factors to consider when planning health and safety activities for children and young people are, 1.1 • To risk assess every activity and trip thinking of, and taking into account every possible outcome, the likelihood of it happening and if the risk outweighs the learning experience. For example on a walk a child could be bitten by a dog although the risk is small I encourage children not to touch or approach animals they don’t know to minimise the risk even more, so the benefit of the walk out weighs the risk. • I take into account the age of the children in my care that day. I currently care for children from the ages of 5 months to 9 years so the activities I plan incorporates the abilities and age appropriate equipment available. For example in a craft activity cutting out shapes I would allow an older school aged child to cut shapes out with scissors unaided but would closely supervise a younger preschool aged child who is still learning the fine motor skills involved with using scissors • I also take into account the needs of parents and carers they have signed permission slips for the child to go on outings and play on equipment at my home and when planning I take into consideration race and religion for example not using pork products when caring for Muslim or Jewish children. • I always check that play equipment is safe before children arrive in the morning any broken toys are removed and that it’s suitable for their age 1.2 I am responsible for my own health and safety and I work in line with my health and safety policy I have access to a copy of C.O.S.H regulations of 2002, the Health and Safety at work act 1974 and manual handling operations regulations, online. I record when a child arrives and leaves in my attendance book and I only allow children to leave with a

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