Cyp3.4 3.3 Essay

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CYP 3.4 3.3 Identify how young children can be supported to assess and manage risk In my setting we occasionally get out the indoor slide and climbing frame. The children that haven’t used it before are encouraged to have a go, some children already know what they feel safe doing and will climb and jump from the top rung, these children are given support and guidance when jumping such as “What do we need to make sure before we jump” and “what might happen if you jump whilst children are in front of you” this encourages them to think about the consequences of what they are about to do and encourages safety whilst enjoying their activity. Some children need encouragement for example; a child that is frightened to jump from the top rung is encouraged to step down a rung and asked “can you jump from there” and “how does that feel” they are supported to decide where on the rungs they feel safe to jump from praised for their efforts. The children, when coming down the slide, can exit to the left which is front of the children jumping, or, to the right which is a safe way back to the climbing frame. I have witnessed children forgetting which side to come off the slide and the child waiting to jump has assessed the situation independently and waited until the child has moved and the mat is clear before jumping, this shows me that guidance we have given in the past, when this equipment has been out, has been retained and used to manage their own risk. I heard a child say to another “you can’t take toys on the slide” I said “why can’t we do this” to support his idea of assessing what he thought was a risk, and he replied “because you can’t climb safe when toys are in your hands” so with the right intervention whether it be verbal (asking questions that make them think about the consequences of actions or encouraging different ways to do things) or physical (a hand on
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