Cyp3.3 Task 2 (B) 6.1, 6.2, 6.3

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Safeguarding skills for children's and why it is important Children should know what is acceptable behaviour and what is not, by adults and children and young people.Every effort should be taken to appropriately educate children in safety and online safety. It is important that a child knows that they should never feel uncomfortable when being with somene or that they are not uncomfortable with what is being done to them Things that we can teach children to keep themselves safe Help the child to understand the dangers posed by some adults and how to avoid them, including online sites (e safety). Teach the child about how to behave in activities such as swimming, off site visits and road safety. Affects of substance abuse. Giving advice and education on sex and relationships , keeping it impartial and coconfidential. If a child reports some kind of abuse you must stay calm and reassure the child. The Keepsafe code produced by Kidscape is a good method of relating to children regarding personal safety. These may include; Sex education Misuse of the body I.e smoking , alcohol, drugs and self harm. Sexually transmitted diddiseases. Older children may need more education on sexul functions relating to adult behaviour where as younger children may need more education on road safety (the education must be relevant to the childs age). Other organisations can include NSPCC and Childline. Good rules to follow Explain to the child how to keep themselves safe and why. Encourage them to share information or worries of abuse with a trusted adult or close friend. Advise them to talk to an adult. Make sure they know it is not their fault in cases of being abused and that it is not right. Promote the services/charites to older children . Children need to empower themselves in order to keep themselves safe. A child will be known to take risks and to stretch the boundaries, but it is
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