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Evidence Record Purpose: to record learner evidence against a range of assessment methods Learner Name | Michelle Chilton | CACHE PIN | | ULN | | Assessor Name | Naomi Whale | Date | 25/02/2015 | Assessment Method | Direct Observations | | Learners plans and records | | Professional Discussion | | Recognition of prior learning | | Reflection on own practice | | Policies and procedures | | Expert Witness evidence | | Written evidence | x | Evidence: | Unit: | Learning outcome | People who work with children and young people will have a massive impact on making a difference to children’s lives by supporting and helping them through their development. I feel my setting has a huge impact on our young people development in a very positive way. All of the staff members encourage the young people to join in different activities, community trips and help them to build positive relationships with staff and other young people. All our young people have their own key person (which I am ).As keyworker I works alongside with school teachers, parents, head of care, house manager to put there pupil support plan in place to help them progress their development and decide on their next steps to improve their learning even more. We have support meeting on a regular basic so these plans can be updated as needed. All our young people have autism and it essential that are put in Strategies to place to help them learn. This may be done a visual structure . Eg: a washing jig, which we use to show them which parts of their bodies to wash while in the bath. This encourage them and help them to do simple thing without too much help. We also record and monitor this help us to judge when they are ready to move on.All our senior member of staff have planning day. These are used to plan activities,

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