Cyp Equality and Diversity Essay

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Promote Equality and Inclusion in health, Social care or Children’s and Young People’s Settings Task 1 1.1 Explain what is meant by * Diversity * Equality * Inclusion Diversity: is meant by acknowledging that each individual is unique and recognising individual differences, for example; culture, ability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any other individual characteristic. Equality: is fair treatment and access to opportunities for all regardless of differences like their ability, culture, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or any other group characteristic. Inclusion: is to embrace all people regardless of race, gender, age, ability etc. it’s about recognising we are one although we are not the same, and to have a sense of belonging. Inclusive practice means promoting the development of all children, whatever their background, race, gender or ability. Inclusive practice means ensuring that they and their families feel included, valued motivated and empowered. It also involves good anti-discriminatory practice where equality issues become an integral part of the curriculum and discrimination is challenged. Differences are embraced and celebrated, respect towards each other is promoted and inequality is actively confronted Task 2 1.2 Describe the potential effects of Discrimination The potential effects of discrimination can be different for different people. The effects can be physical, emotional or a combination of both. For example children with disabilities may not be given a chance to join in with activities due to others thinking that their disability prevents them from being able to do so. This will make the child feel very different from others. This can leave the person feeling isolate, have low self- esteem, have a fear of rejection, or feeling withdrawn from society. The effects are

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