Cyp Core 3.7 1.3 Communication

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Communication 1.1 The different reasons that people communicate could be minor or major issues when working with others e.g. * Sharing important information about a child * Worries about a child * Achievements about a child * Giving or getting help * Problems/concerns * Expressing emotions * Sharing ideas/thoughts * Getting new information about a child/work place * Learn/teach new things * New discussions/making points * Organize an area 1.2 It’s very important and effective to communicate in all aspects of our work because it’s very important that the children always come first and with that all the workers must have knowledge about how to deal with children and to share very important…show more content…
If communication is ineffective it would lead to problems that could bring harm upon the children and seen as they are meant to be the main priority no one can take the risks. Being able to communicate is also a skill you will need to have when working with children to understand them and help them as they grow older and will also help you in knowing what that child might want or need. This will help relationships, the child will slowly become more confident whether it being physical or emotional but will open up because they feel safe in the environment they are in. 1.3 It’s also very important to observe someone’s reactions when talking with them because they might not even be paying any attention. If you are having a group meeting you must speak clearly and make sure your face can be seen, when talking/listening be sure to give direct eye contact and look at the persons face so it shows that you understand them or if you are the one talking you can probably tell if they get you or not by their facial
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