Cyp Core 3.5 Positive Relationships

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Be able to develop positive relationships with children and young people 1.1 Explain why positive relationships with children and young people are important and how these are built and maintained. It is important that children and young people have positive relationships with those around them. Children will be more confident in themselves and their surroundings if they feel safe, secure and trust the people in their lives. Positive relationships with practitioners provide children and young people with: * Emotional security * Self-esteem * A sense of well being * Ways in which to express their feelings In my own work setting I have built positive relationships with the children by always listening to them carefully and ensuring I understand what they are trying to tell me. I always make eye contact when speaking and listening to them, and get down to their level so I am not talking down to them. As I don’t have anyone from a different cultural background to my own in the class it is okay to have mutual eye contact. I always try to be a positive role model around the children by behaving in an appropriate way for the situation and speaking clearly so they understand. I try to reinforce positive behaviour by praising them when they do something good and letting the other children know what that child did so they understand what is acceptable and what I expect from them. As children like to receive praise and seek approval they mimic the other ones behaviour so they can receive praise too. When working on writing tasks with individuals, I like to use prompts to get them to tell me more and ask them questions about their ideas to encourage them to go into more detail. For example, the children in my work setting had to write a few sentences about what we had discussed about Africa, the child told me “they get sick from the water” I replied
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