Cyp Core 3.2 Understand Child and Young Persons Development.

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Cyp Core 3.2 Understand child and young persons development. 1.1 Explain what factors you need to take into account when assessing children's development. There are many factors to take into account when assessing a child's development which are, getting consent from the parent or carer, confidentiality is an improtant factor as you must not discuss any of the observations that are carried out with anyone who dosent need to know and to keep any documents safe, you need to take the childs wishes or feelings make sure that the child is comfortable with the obervations that are taking place, make sure any disability needs are taken into consideration, reliability to record what the child is actually saying not to interpret the child is saying and to avoid being bias as it is imprtant to to be completely objective. 1.2 (evidence located in CYP core unit 3.1) 1.3 Explain observation methods you use within your setting. Planning-plan for the children you are a keyperson for each week. Observing- Observe and document the activity you had planned for that week. Highlight the EYFS- Highlight the correct part in the EYFS that the observation links upto. Evalutating- Evauate how the planning went and plan next steps. Tracking- every term the keyperson will tarck the child progress on a sheet. 1.4 Develop/implement and evaluate a plan to meet the development needs of a child or young person in your setting. 2.3 How do you implement an inclusive approach within your role and explain why it is important. In my setting we implement an inclusive approach within my personal role by continously observing children to ensure we are meeting the needs of each indiviual child. An example of this would be, there was a child that attended nursery and the child didnt like to take part in story time and looses focus, so we tried offering the child a book so the child could look
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