Cyp Core 2.3 Case Study

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CYP Core 3.1 unit 2.3 Explain how theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practice. Theories of development are very important as they influence current practice and help us to understand why children behave and react the way that they do. It can also help us to figure out different and new ways of learning. The theories of development are: * Cognitive ( e.g. Paiget) * Psychoanalytic (e.g. Freud) * Humanist (e.g. Maslow) * Social Learning (e.g. Bandura) * Operant conditioning (e.g. Skinner) * Behaviourist ( e.g. Watson) Frameworks to support development are * Social pedagogy. Cognitive child development. Paiget: Piaget’s theory is one based on stages. His central idea is that children are not little adults. According to Piaget, development involves the continuous alteration and re-organisation of the ways in which each person deals with their environment. For example, a pre-school child, a school aged child and an adolescent don’t all see the world or interact in the same way.…show more content…
Jean Piaget conducted research by a clinical method, whereby, to establish his theory, he presented children with problems to solve and watched and recorded A) the ways in which they approached them and B) their reasoning. He did this with varying ages. To him children were not just passive receivers. Piaget’s theory is based primarily upon development. Piaget argued that children’s development occur in the sequence of 4 stages. Each of the stages represents a change and advance in a child’s ability to solve problems and understand their

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