Cyp 33 Essay

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3.1: It is important that Children are protected because while they are in your care, they need to be the first priority. Parents/Carers leave their children in your care, so they trust you to look after and protect children from harm. For some Parents/Carers, it may be difficult for them to leave their children, so they will need to have full confidence that you will care for their children and be supportive towards Parents. 3.2 In a childcare setting they use Policies and Procedures to protect the children and to take the appropriate steps to this. These policies follow the law and promote good practice. They give them something to follow, i.e. Child Protection Policy. All child protection policies will follow the law on Child Protection. The procedure to protect the Child will be set and have all the steps to protect them and report any issues, or concerns with the correct member of staff, or agency. Your child protection policy will include: Guidelines for staff behaviour Confidentiality Visiting/Access rights Local Authority guidelines Accurate records/Record keeping Building security Child protection officer (Name of designated person in the setting) Procedures to be followed Multidisciplinary approaches CRB Checks for Staff, Student and other adults Whistle blowing was introduced to protect those who feel and express the concern of someone else which has arisen in the nursery. The “whistle-blower” needs to feel comfortable and confident about reporting, so they shouldn’t feel scared or feel like they will be judged about the allegation. The person accused also needs to be protected. Both parties’ information and questions need to be kept confidential so neither of them gets victimised or bullied. For example, Mrs A may feel that Mr B is
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