Cyp 3.7 Essay

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Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by external factorsPoverty and deprivation:It has been shown statistically that children from poor families and deprived areas tend to perform less as their parents are less likely to meet their educational needs. For example, the children may feel isolated, experience low self esteem and confidence, if their parents can’t afford to pay for their school trip, get them clothes for dress up day etc. Family environment and background:So many circumstances go in families which may affect the child. They include: parents separating, having new partners, losing family member, family member being ill, job loss etc. Looked after/ care status:These children can sometimes be moved around regularly and this may affect their development. They may have separation and attachment issues and may sometimes not want to go to school. Socially they may be unable to make friends, they may experience academic regression from missing school on a regular basis and emotionally they may become very fragile and unstable. 2.3 Explain how theories of development and frameworks to support development influence current practiceCognitive/ConstructivistPiaget influenced many teaching techniques such as the focus on the process of the child’s thinking and the active role of the learner. Piaget’s focus on the process of the child thinking promoted the development of the stages of cognitive development. Teachers use the stages in today’s classroom as a way to gauge a child’s cognitive functioning. This permits the development of activities and learning experiences that are at the correct cognitive development stage for the child’s ability to learn. Piaget recognised that children must be self-initiated and actively involved in learning activities. A current application of this concept today can be found, many of the
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