Cyp 3.7 Essay

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CYP 3.7 (1.1) Describe the social, economic and cultural factors that will impact on the lives of children and young people. The social, emotional and cultural needs of children/young people, in learning, are key areas to be considered when supporting them to develop into confident, enthusiastic and effective learners. These skills are crucial in almost every aspect of school and college life and difficulties may be noticed in a variety of forms. Barriers caused by external factors are: * Families suffering poverty. * Poor housing and living in a rough area. * Personal choices where they have poor expectations. * Educational environmental. They are in a family school. * Offending or anti-social behaviour. * Health Status. * Disability. * Health Support. * Addictions. * Bereavement and loss. * Family expectations and encouragement. * Religious beliefs and customs. * Ethnic beliefs and customs. * Marginalisation and exclusion. Some children/young people experience problems to learning as a result of their ethnicity, social group, race or culture. Children/young people from lower social-economic backgrounds and/or specific ethnic and social groups are more likely to underachieve and this can sometimes lead to disaffection, marginalisation by others and in some cases, exclusion from the learning environment because of an inability to behave appropriately. CYP 3.7 (1.2) Explain the importance and impact of poverty on outcomes and life chances for children and young people. Poverty has an influence on a child/young person’s outcomes/life chances. With poverty comes a higher probability of a poor diet. This can lead to poor concentration and a slower learner leading to lower grades in exams. With lower exam grades come jobs that are less skilled which means lower paid jobs. With poverty self-esteem is
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