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Cyp3.4-A healthy and safety booklet for early years staff. 1.1- A description of the factors to take into account when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environment and services. There are lots of important principles to take into consideration when planning healthy and safe indoor and outdoor environment for children and young people. We must take into consideration that every child/ young person has their own individual needs and we must make sure we meet their needs but depending on their age and stage of development and their abilities, for example: A child who uses a wheelchair will need ramps to be able to get in and out of the setting and will need space to move around the setting. A 2 year old may use the space differently to an 8 year old. Some children and young people may suffer from any disabilities such as; visual or hearing impairment, we must consider where the furniture is placed within the setting and where activities are happening the lighting in the room and consider back ground noise, to lower the back ground noise we could divide the setting into different areas. If the setting had a child that was on the autistic spectrum, we have to consider their needs, to meet their need practitioners could set out a different rota for them so the child or young person knows where they are at what time and they will also know what they are doing at specific times. The EYFS states that practitioners must provide a range of resources and activities to develop the following skills; * Personal, Social and Emotional Development * Physical Development * Communication and Language Development * Literacy * Mathematics * Understanding the world * Expressive Arts and Design Practitioners need to consider the child’s or young person’s age and stage of development and space within the area of the setting. 1.2-

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