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CYP 3.3 Understand how to safeguard the wellbeing of children and young people The legislation, guidelines and policies that affect safeguarding children have come about due to the Childrens Act 2004. This act was put in place to highlight children’s rights, make the laws simpler and ensure that anyone working with children understood their duties and where to seek advice. It also highlights the importance of working together to protect children. Other guidelines include Working together to Safeguard children 2006 which is a national document to help agencies work together to protect children. The Vetting and barring scheme was introduced in October 2009 to prevent unsuitable people working with children. Protecting children is paramount however safeguarding and child protection in the wider concept also aims to ensure that children are kept safe from accidents, do not become missing children, are protected from crime and bullying and are encouraged to develop in a healthy and safe environment. National and local policies, guidelines and procedures for safeguarding children affect day to day work by highlighting lines of responsibility. They encourage agencies to work together for the benefit of children and to provide clear guidance on risk assessments, outings, health and safety and contact with children. It is also essential that children have their voice heard and are involved in making decisions about their environment. When a situation occurs where serious harm or injury has happened, an inquiry takes place. This involves people form different agencies giving evidence and listening to what has happened. They aim to find reasons why things have happened and put forwards suggested improvements to prevent it happening again. A serious case review will take place if a child dies and it is suspected or known that abuse or neglect contributed to the death.

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