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6.1 & 6.2: From my own knowledge and understanding of the three aspects of literacy, numeracy and ICT I believe I could provide a positive impact to the children’s learning and the way in which I taught my learning activities. Out of the three I always believed that numeracy was my stronger point, this allowing me to have more confidence with providing a learning activity based around this subject. With the age segment I am working with it was important for me to gain an understanding of the level in which they were learning at to allow me to use my knowledge to support them with their learning. This was to understand that mathematical language and using symbols such as (+,-,=) was not as important at this stage. With the teaching it was more based around allowing the children to count specific objects such as toys. As I have said what is key is to have confidence so it is important that when a child is to confront me with a mathematical problem I am able to answer their query without leaving them unanswered. With me having a strong awareness of a range of aspects of Maths would then result in not having a boundary of working with children at such a young age. Next I believe ICT is my stronger subject to be working upon. I believe this is because I…show more content…
This was when the teacher was unsure of what activity they should put on when it came to the children playing outside. From my experience I am aware that the children like to play football when I am in attendance as they know they can play a proper game and they can learn new skills. From this I made the teacher aware that I thought it would be a good idea if the children had the opportunity to play football. When the children were aware that football would be being played at break time they were very happy and it resulted in a very effective football session which I provided to the
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