Cyp 3.2 Essay

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CYP Core 3.2: Promote Child and Young person development 4.1 As a child care practitioner, the care and education that I extend to children, can make a difference to their overall development. In short how working practices are delivered in my setting can affect children development. As a reflective practitioner, I am able to effectively plan and work with children, always remembering that the child comes first and my work practice needs to be child centred. * I need to ensure that there is a proper balance of child-initiated and adult-initiated activities. * I need to ensure that that the balance of activities cover each of the aspects of learning in the curriculum but also building on each of the development areas. * Ensure that the activities keep the children’s interest engaged. * I need to understand how the activities that I plan support every child’s development. * I also need to be aware of the development needs of the children in my care. * Be aware of children who have not engaged or participated in the activities. 4.2 Multi agencies work together to improve children and young people’s development. Outcomes for children and young people can be improved when a multi-agency approach is taken, this means that many other services will be involved in working with children and young people in ways that will support their development. These agencies function effectively by meeting together, discussing the support or resources needed for the child/young person/families, working together cohesively towards a common goal, to ensure the welfare and development of the child/young person. Some children and young people need support from a range of services and the SENCO is usually the person who has the responsibility for liaising with these services, to obtain the help need. Since the implementation Every Child Matters, and the
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