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CYP 1000 Part 2 Introduction The purpose of this learning log is to record my developing knowledge and understanding of aspects of the theories of learning, teaching and development. it discusses the Paget’s theory of intellectual development, Vygosky`s and Bruner’s theory of social interaction also the theories of Gardner and Goleman. It will demonstrate how theories of behaviourism and humanism are used in education. Furthermore, it will explore the link between theory, policy and current educational practise. This essay critically discusses how schools use different theories and approaches for the management of a positive and welcoming learning environment within inclusive education. This log has been divided into four parts. First part is about classroom organisation and explores how an organised classroom helps to minimise disruptions during lessons. Second part highlights how learners taught and assessed in an educational setting and how it is linked to different theories and learning styles. Third part discusses how subject knowledge is delivered, what underpins this process and how does it relate to policy and theory. Forth part is about the organisation and effectiveness of different teaching activities. Classroom Organisation Classroom organisation is an important component in the field of teaching and it’s a key to establish a supportive and welcoming learning environment. A constructivist teacher offers his or her students options and choices in their work. They have a range of teaching skills, styles, models and approaches to make effective teaching and learning takes place. Harry Wong (1998) “A well managed classroom is a task-oriented and predictable environment. In a task-oriented environment, students understand what is expected and how to succeed. Work is focused on learning and

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