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Cyclops Soon as I walked in my cave I covered the entrance with a huge rock As usual I started doing my chores and when I finished my chores I made a fire and there I saw strangers in my cave as they looked at me in fear. Then I kindly asked the men why they were here and what brought them to my lovely home. As the leader spoke the man said they were from troy and spoke of their god Zeus. Then the man said Zeus will avenge the unoffending guest. Then I laughed when they spoke of their thundering god Zeus and I said we Cyclops have more force than your god Zeus. After all that talking my belly started feeling empty and ate two of his men for dinner then I saw the stranger crying for their god as I feasted on his people which made my meal more pleasing. I waited for the sun to rise and when the sun rose I lit up a fire again and started my chores again and milked my ewes when my chores got done I saw a man dead on the floor so I picked him up and ate him for breakfast. I opened my cave and let my sheep go through but, I didn’t let the men out because I forgot they were still inside then I said to myself I’ll let the men go free when I returned. As soon as I finished my afternoon chores I went back inside and left no sheep or ram out and placed the boulder back in to place. Then I told the men that they could leave but, only if I can eat two more of their men without an answer I caught two more to feast on then the leader came up to me and offered me some sweet wine. I quickly drank the wine and asked for the man’s name and as he brought three more bowls of wine then the man said “you have asked my honorable name? Remember the gift you promised me, and I shall tell you. My name is Nohbdy: mother, father, and friends, everyone calls me Nobody”. Before I could open the entrance I started to feel drowsy and hiccupping then I tumbled down on my back and dowsed off. I

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