Cycling Around the World Essay

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The previous record for cycling around the world has been smashed by Mike Hall, a British engineer from Yorkshire. Mike is rumoured to be 99% titanium and 1% human. On the 18th February 2012, twelve riders set off to race 18,000 miles around the world on the World Cycle Racing’s Grand Tour in what has been described as ‘arguably the longest, toughest, adventure race in the world’. It is almost 10 times longer than the Tour de France. The goal is to not only to win the race, but also to set a new Guinness World Record. The trip, which took him through 20 countries and four continents, was completed in 91 days 18 hours and 23 minutes. He cycled a total of 29,250 kms and arrived triumphantly on his 31st birthday. Originally planning to finish after 90 days, Mike’s first comment to the large crowd that had gathered to celebrate his return, including his mum, was “Sorry I’m late” Hall had to take some days off due to illness, and bearing this in mind he is quite sure that “around the world in 80 days” is possible. I seriously admire people like Mike, I appreciate their efforts, their persistence. I do various kinds of sports, especcially running, but I am sure I would never risk my life to achieve some reckless goals or to set up a new record. I am doing sport to enjoy it, to live healthy, setting up records is not motivating me at

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