Cycles in Jewish History Essay

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Cycles in Time and History- The very first Mitzva the Jewish people were given was to establish a calendar based on only the moon and not the sun. The idea represented in this colossal and monumental act was that of complete and final divergence from the Egyptian culture. The Egyptians were of the belief that they came from the sun, their sun god, was considered the source that they received their sustenance and power from. The idea represented therein is, that while the sun is stationary and unchanging the moon however, is constantly changing and renewing within every month. The Egyptians believed that as the sun is constant and unchanging they believed that they have no free will or moral freedom. Adversely, the Jewish people don’t believe in determinism and free will is the initial premise and basis of Judaism. As it is stated, “The Jewish calendar is therefore focused on the moon, so that the renewal of the moon will act as a reminder of individual renewal through free will” (Becher, 2005, p.85). We have the ability to choose between right and wrong and good and bad. It is for this reason our calendar is based on the moon for as the moon renews itself every month this serves as a constant reminder for us that we are free people and we have our own free will and we are not at all controlled by our past rather we can, and must forever change and renew. Furthermore in the cycles of the moon is embodied the Jewish concept of time. Jewish thought views time as a creation, specifically a circular downward spiral. Time consists within itself specific powers that cause and inspire certain changes and events. It is these energy’s that were present at the time of our ancestors and that brought about those events that we return to and therefore celebrate. For example, the holiday of Passover, which falls out in the spring time, its unique energy is that of freedom,

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