Cycle Of Life Essay

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In today’s society there are many cycle that dominate a lot of our social activities. Such as sleep. It determines the time when we go to bed. Media, person’s mind and nature are the themes that still have an impact on society. Firstly, media is one of the archetypes seen. The cycle of life is mostly seen in the media. People depend a lot on the media these days. It has a huge impact on our society. People learn a lot of things from the media and help them change the way of their living. There is a cycle going around the media and the people. Secondly, a person’s mind determines a specific type of cycle. When we are young, our mind is not capable of thinking what is good and what is bad for us. When we are teenagers we get the sense of certain things about life. We start to go mature and start to make our own decisions. We are no longer dependent on certain people in life for instance our parents. This is the cycle that every human being born in this world goes through. Thirdly, in the nature is where themes are seen. The environment is filled with living and non living beings. The seasons symbolize the cycle of the life of the people. Autumn symbolizes death and the spring symbolizes the birth. Furthermore, day to dawn, dawn to dust is a complete cycle that takes places every day. Lastly, the cycle of life is the one of the most significant archetypes. It a cycle that goes on forever until the human race remains. No one can change it. These are the themes that make an impact on our

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