Cyberstalking: Virtual Reality to Actual Reality

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Cyberstalking: Virtual Reality to Actual Reality Project 9-CM107 Kaplan University July 16, 2012 Cyberstalking I. Cyberstalking a. The definition of cyberstalking. b. The different forms of cyberstalking. II. Show the problem c. Who is vulnerable? d. The modes of transmission used by cyberstalkers. e. The methods cyberstalkers use to stalk their victim. f. Where are you most vulnerable while on the internet? III. Indicate a solution g. The laws and statues and how it effects cyberstalkers. h. The states legislation and its’ attempt to keep up with technology. i. How stalking technology outpaces state laws. j. What to do if you are being stalked. Surfers Beware! The Term cyberstalking seems to be cropping up everywhere but no one knows exactly what it means. Cyberstalking can be defined as threatening behavior or unwanted advances directed at another using the Internet and other forms of online and computer communications (The National Center for Victims of Crime, (NCVC). n.d.). Cyberstalking is an extension of the physical form of stalking but it is harder to detect the perpetrator because of the anonymity issues from electronic communications. To appreciate the depth of the problem, we must realize that the Internet reaches into literally millions of homes in hundreds of countries and through networks people devise screen names and personas that can be real or fictional. Because of this, a question we should ask ourselves while surfing the World Wide Web is, who are we really communicating with? What technologies are really covered by cyberstalking and why should we care? Stalking can take many forms from physically following their victims to using the postal service. Stalkers can bombard their victims using instant messaging, emailing, installing surveillance software on

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