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Cyberpunk Genre Essay

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On Cyberpunk Genre, Literature and Language with Special Reference to William Gibson’s “Neuromancer”
“…The Monsters of cyberpunk never vanish so conveniently. They are already loose on the streets. They are next to us. Quite likely WE are them. The Monster would have been copyrighted through the new genetics laws, and manufactured worldwide in many thousands. Soon the Monsters would all have lousy night jobs mopping up at fast-food restaurants…”
Cyberpunk in the Nineties
Bruce Sterling

Cyberpunk is a subgenre of science fiction that developed back in 1980’s, but it soon turned into a social movement and penetrated to and was reflected in music and movies.   This Article will also try to examine the ideas underlying this genre and the factors that contributed to its development.
Having emerged almost 30 years ago, cyberpunk is still topical nowadays and maybe even more than ever before. One look at the news making headlines today will come to prove that:   “U.S Government works to enhance cyberdefenses”. One of the issues discussed at the Munich Security Conference (05.02.2012) was Cybersecurity, and some of the frequently used words in media today include cyberspace, cyber terrorism, cybercrime, cyberthreat, cyber-espionage   and cyberwar. At the Munich Conference cybercrime was identified as more dangerous than drug trafficking and cyberspace was named the “battlefield of the 21st century”.
Cyberpunk is a genre that is directly related to human development and to the new thinking of the humanity. Right now we live in the Cyber Age, dominated by computers and networks. We live in the computer-synthesized world, in the cyberworld. Computer and Internet, being so far the greatest invention of humanity, have changed the course of human development both in positive and negative ways. Most of the countries of the world now have software-based control systems which are vital for the proper functioning of the state; Internet helps to link and share no matter on...

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