Cybercrime Taskforce Essay

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cybercrime is rampant across the globe, and there is dire need to revise laws and strategies to combat this menace. Essentially, efforts must originate from all quotas; from the local level to the federal government. St. Louis County has not been spared. The most common cyber-crimes in the area include cyber bullying and harassment, tax frauds and intellectual property theft. Drawing experts from different fields, this taskforce endeavors to bring to an end such crimes. Experts will be drawn from law enforcement agencies, computer programmers, and other computer experts. The taskforce will partner with other leading agencies in the same field such as the FBI, National Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center (IPR Center) among others in order to effectively thwart cyber-attacks. Through the help of a decent crime lab, equipment, tools and well-informed personnel the taskforce will most definitely make a significant progress. Cybercrime or computer crimes refer to those crimes that involve a computer in addition to a network or internet connection. In most cases, a computer can be used in committing cybercrimes and at the same time can be potential targets on the other end. In essence, cybercrime refers to felonious use of the internet. Matters pertaining this type of crime have become notorious, principally those that involve hacking of personal and institutional websites, copyright contravention, identity larceny, child pornography, as well as harassment. There are also numerous issues of when personal information is interrupted, legally or illegally. The United States Department of Justice inflates the description of cybercrime to incorporate any unlawful action that makes use of a computer for the storing of evidence. The list of cybercrimes is increasing tremendously, and it now comprises of those criminalities that have been made
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