Cyberbullying and Technologies Negative Outcome

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Cyberbullying and Technologies Negative Outcome The internet and social media outlets have allowed our society to communicate instantaneously with long lost family members, co-workers and friends. Although these developments are considered to be a benefit to society, we fail to see its disadvantages. I will site several authors and use their writings to further my findings to take a deeper look into the topic of technologies negative outcome on society, more over Cyberbullying. I found this topic interesting because it is happening all around us every day; it’s in our culture, politics, businesses, even in the way we raise our families. With advances in wireless technology we can go further than ever before. If you own a computer, you have probably used the internet. In the following paragraphs I would like to reflect over the internet, what cyberbullying is, and how it impacts us as a society. If you can imagine this big web of interconnected people spanning the planet, now more than ever people are getting online to Today in America, we have the ability to analyze information and opinions to support whatever side of the argument you are on; we are literally saturated with information. In the writings of Paul Ceruzzi’s, A History of Modern Computing, he begins by mentioning the technological fix, and gives a brief history on the foundation of the internet as we know it today. Ceruzzi said that, “it is that those who proposed it (the internet) did not think far enough to anticipate the side effects.” (Ceruzzi, 203) The internet is amorphous and constantly changing over an ever expanding scope and range of wired and wireless communications devices, giving humans the freedom to express themselves electronically to others in ways that no one could have predicted. Although the freedom to communicate freely is a great advancement in technology, this freedom can also

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