Cyberbullying Essay

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When it comes down to it, it is blatantly obvious that cyberbullying is terrible, as Alayna already elaborated on, I think we can all accept that as fact. The big question is “Who will punish cyberbullying?” Actually, to be more accurate “Who has the right to punish cyberbullying?” Our opponents over here **acknowledge opposing side** will say that the schools have every right to punish kids for cyberbullying at home. But, in all honesty, wouldn’t that cross over the line into the other student’s privacy? I’m sure that the last thing the school wants to do is infringe on their students privacy. Even the administrators say so. The New York Times published that an incident happened at Benjamin Franklin Middle School in Ridgewood, New Jersey. The parents of the bullied student came to the school asking for punishment of the bully. The administrators simply said “This occurred out of school, on a weekend. We can’t discipline him.” Look at it this way: Our school here at Bellwood-Antis, similar to many schools across the country, has a nutrition group that make you stick to their strict diet. No other options are readily available. Because of this stern “junk-food free” policy, would it give them the right to control what we eat at home? **pause to give time to think** No. Exactly. The same goes for our “bully-free” policy. The school has every right to stop bullying and cyberbullying on school grounds, I’ll give them that, but as soon as we step out those doors it is a different story. If the schools start punishing students for what they do at home, what’s next? Getting a detention for that occasional doughnut? Or a Saturday Morning for being late for your part-time job? Just how ridiculous can you be? The possibilities are boundless. It’s clear that the schools are overstepping their boundaries when they plan on punishing students for out-of-school actions, such as

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