Cyberbullying Essay

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Nadia Hernandez English 115 9 April 2014 Cyberbullying (revised) Cyberbullying has been a problem in society since technology has existed. There are many social networks that are commonly used by teenagers in specification. Social networks, like Myspace, Facebook and Twitter are used for interaction and socialization among people. Many people think that these sites are harmless and are just for fun. What many don’t know is that these sites can also be a dark place for some people. There are countless victims of cyberbullying. Some cases have gone viral. A few stories became memorable and shocking. Society hasn’t really thought of cyberbullying as such a big problem. It should be a huge problem especially now since many people are into technology and social networking. Cyberbullying should be a focused problem in society, especially among teenagers. Majority cases of cyberbullying, those who are the victims prefer to isolate themselves from everyone. They fear what others may think about them, like what people will think if he/she is pathetic or weak. Victims prefer hiding from the world and refuse to talk to anyone for help. In schools, when they see their peers that bully them, they fear that the bullying may continue in person. Janna Juaven and Elisheva Gross, psychology professors at UCLA, constructed an anonymous web-based survey and it claims that 90% of victims of cyberbullying don’t tell a trusted adult or speak of the matter at all to anyone. Isolation is only the first of what is yet to occur. Isolation leads to depression in most cases. The amount of harsh words and hurtful messages that are sent to the victim leads them to depression. Examples of messages would be: “You should just die already.” “No one wants you.” “You’re ugly.” Even the simplest message can affect a person, especially a young one. Messages like this lead the person to

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