Cyberbullying Essay

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Cyberbullying and Parental Responsibility The term bullying has advanced with modern technology creating Cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is bullying that is communicated through electronic technology devices, such as cell phones, computers, tablets, social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites. Our society needs to make a culture changes with technology. If a parent can be held responsible for a minor child’s school truancy, then a parent should be held accountable for the minor child’s cyberbullying acts. Hypothesis A minor child that commits cyberbullying and punishable by law for their actions, then should the parent of the minor child be held responsible too? Sociology Concepts Cyberbullying is a sociological phenomenon that develops concerns about ethical misuse of technology. Cyberbullying has become a growing social media concern. Cyberbullying resembles the same attributes as face to face bullying, and is punishable under law. A minor child could be held accountable for cyberbullying actions and the parent is completely unaware of the child’s actions due to technology being so broad. Parental responsibility could be questioned against technology, how could they be held accountable for their child’s actions when a minor can access websites without parental knowledge? A minor child could be held accountable for cyberbullying acts and the parent is aware of the child’s actions and does nothing to stop the activity, or the parent tells the child to stop but the child continues the socialization patterns. In theory if the child received these technology devices from the parents then it is their parental duty to monitor their child’s social media activities. Practical Implications Implications through public programs has brought awareness and become an important educational tool against cyberbullying. These programs developed

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