Cyber Stalking Essay

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Cyber stalking is the use of internet, email or any other electronic communications to stalk, and generally refers to a pattern of threatening of malicious behaviors. This is considered the most the dangerous of the three types of internet harassment. Cyber stalking has been proved to cause more intense stress, which may be worse than being harassed or stalked in person, according to a new study. Online stalking and harassment can leave victims feeling as if there's no safe haven providing escape from their pursuers, causing them to feel anxiety, fear, nightmares, feelings of helplessness, having eating and sleeping difficulties, feeling out of control, and a loss of personal safety. This causes difficulty in their everyday lives. I found my information on the Internet, newspaper, news reports and books. On the Internet and in news reports I found that a Rutgers, Camden freshmen committed suicide after his roommate put his sex tape online. He was so humiliated when two cruel classmates secretly streamed his live video of his gat encounter that he jumped from the George Washington Bridge. Eight minutes before Tyler Clementi jumped off the bridge he posted a status on his Facebook account saying “jumping off gw bridge sorry.” This type of situation leads to cyber stalking. Cyber stalkers may send harassing messages by the simple push of a button from any email, chat room, message boards, discussion forums, technology, listening devices and hidden cameras. Since cyber stalking does not involve physical contact, some misperceive this criminal attempt as something much tamer and less threatening that physical stalking. This is not necessarily true. Technology abuse is one of the fastest growing areas of crime. A growing number of law enforcement agencies are recognizing the serious nature and extent of cyber stalking and taking aggressive action to respond. Within

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